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Two Halves

I'm not an artist we think. But guess what? Art is in the way you doodle and write your dreams at the back of every notebook you've ever had since school. How you put exactly one and a quarter spoons of sugar in your coffee. How you can remember every dialogue and every episode of your favorite sitcom. How you cry every single time watching that movie scene even if you've watched it a billion times. How you tie your shoelace. How you hum a tune as you walk. How you stomp your feet when something excites you. It's in that folder of poems and stories you keep hidden. How you keep your sneakers spotless. How you only love mint chocolate. How you tilt your head when you listen. How you see unicorns as normal. It's in the magic that you might be too scared to find when you look inside you.

This collection is a celebration of YOU! The undiscovered artist that's actually hiding in plain sight. And no matter how much a misfit we think we are there is space in this vast universe to be exactly who we are meant to be! When we come together and create we can bring about massive change. Even if one of us is missing there's a void waiting for you to fill up. As crooked and deformed as we may think we are.

Today I hope you realize you are SO unique and the world needs you and what you do, now more than ever. You and your alter ego that's hidden not anywhere else but inside you. The other half of you. BE YOU! The quirkiest you can ever be because I SEE ART IN YOU!

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