Pariha by Parinitha MN Paris Fashion Wee


They call us dreamers yet we're the ones who don't sleep!

In a nusthell: Bangalore bred. NIFT alumna. Curly haired. Tomboy. Quirky. Part-time Workaholic. Avid Dreamer. Bibliophile. Obsessive Coffee Drinker. Dog Mommy. Mad Scientist. A mess of unfinished thoughts. Insomniac. Music head.​

I graduated from NIFT, Bangalore in 2012. Soon after I started working as a Designer for a Retail company. I knew I wasn't cut out for this. There was something bigger I had to do. I quit my job and started working on setting up my Label Pariha.


What started off as a thought became a reality over the course of 3 years. I believe that India is so culturally rich and people have so easily forgotten it, as we're all running so quickly into the future with new replacing the old. I want to make people stop and think. I want people to know how amazing our roots are. I want to make a difference to people, one person, anyone or anything.

I launched Pariha in 2016 with her core philosophy being 'Cultural Rediscovery'.

 With designs that blend Indian Tradition with contemporary trends, inspiring looks that are Universal yet Indian in Spirit. Each ensemble wanders through an emotion, creating statement pieces that work cohesively, as well as individually.


Distinct silhouettes, a mix of delicacy, a combination of fabrics in dramatic hues and strings of subtle embroidery that transcend in time, are a few elements that form the soul of my Label.

I want to tell stories that are quietly losing out. And have since worked with themes like the extravagant dance form Yakshagaana and exploring the history and craftsmanship of Ganjifa.

My Spring Summer '19 Collection inspired by Ganjifa Cards was showcased at Vancouver Fashion Week in September 2018.

My Spring Summer  '20 collection inspired by the hidden artist in each one of us was showcased at Paris Fashion Week in September 2019.

On Sundays you'll find me in my Secret Headquarters hatching a plan to take over the world! Ok, maybe not. But I'm passionate about making a difference. A way of living with more authenticity. I believe in personifying our culture across the world. When I noticed that art forms are dying a slow death, I felt like their story needs to be told in whatever small way I can. Thus began my design journey. Music, books and gallons of coffee keep me awake enough to find these stories and tell them to the world. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and being part of this Journey. 

Changing the World one Art form at a Time.