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I’m NOT sorry!

They will tell you that you are crazy. They will shrink away from you because you are too much, too passionate, too driven, too focused. Go ahead and be crazy. The world needs crazy. The world needs more desire, more passion and outlandish dreams. They will try and tone you down to fit you into their comfort zone and shut you up. Don’t let them. Never worry about normal ass, nothing ass people judging your cool ambitious ass. -Unknown.

Sigh. I wish someone had told me this a long time ago. I didn’t realize any of this as it happened, while I was termed a ‘failure’, because I couldn’t live the way ‘people expected me to’. I let people down. A lot of them.

I’m terribly NOT sorry that I let you down! You tried to break me, demean my idea of being different, you called me crazy. Oh, but bloody hell, how I let you down!

To my principal, who said I would never get into a ‘good engineering college’ because I had a horrible rank in an entrance test. I’m sorry that on my way back from college that day I looked up at the sky and smiled because I knew where I was headed.

To the teachers who ridiculed my marks, I’m sorry that I found the Best support in the teachers I met after you.

To the classmate who mocked and teased me because I couldn’t divide a restaurant bill by 14 because ‘I was weak in math's’. I’m sorry your equation in life is still so fucked up.

To the relative who said my business was baseless and that I was never going to make it, I’m sorry I’m going to constantly let you down. A million times over!

To the people who said I was confused, insane, destined to give up, I’m sorry that you have to come up to me today and tell me I’m doing great work.

I’m sorry I didn’t give up because of you! I didn’t let you or your words ever let me stop. And I’m so horribly sorry that throughout this very struggle I’ve found people who’ve changed my life. The ones who don’t let me doubt myself. The ones that see my dream more realistically than I ever will. The ones that tell me no matter what, they’ll never leave my side.

I’m NOT sorry because these people are my world.

I’m NOT sorry that I met these people.

I’m NOT sorry for the way they make me chase my dream. Unabashedly. Unapologetically.

I’m NOT sorry for failing your fucking maths exam.

I’m NOT sorry for all the things I’ve done.

I’m NOT sorry for quitting my job.

I’m NOT sorry for letting you down.

I’m NOT sorry for living life my way.

I’m NOT sorry for how you are telling people now, that you know me.

I’m NOT sorry that I didn’t need you then and I sure as hell don’t need you now.

I’m NOT sorry that i didn’t, haven’t or won’t give up.

I’m NOT sorry that i’m not you.

I’m NOT sorry for who I AM!

I’m NOT sorry!

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