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Photo by Mr TT on Unsplash

I'm in the box you don't open!

I'm in that folder you've named 'Later' on your computer!

I'm in the letters you write and don't post!

I'm in the pictures you take!

I'm in the coffee you make!

I'm in the shoes you buy!

I'm in the color you don't wear!

I'm in the ice-cream flavor you don't eat!

I'm in the newspaper clipping you don't want to keep!

I'm in the tiny pencil box you still have from school!

I'm in that Black and White photo from Last Christmas!

I'm in that blue plate you never eat in!

I'm in the mess on your work table!

I'm in those dull curtains you picked for your room!

I'm in that braid you wear to the beach every summer!

I'm in the mug you drink tea in every winter!

I'm in that photo frame you should've thrown away in 2015!

I'm in that French Song you listen to on Road trips!

I'm in that memory box you keep hidden under your bed!

I'm in the blueberry jam you always eat!

I'm in the toast you make with eggs for breakfast!

I'm in that corner table at your favorite cafe!

I'm in that turquoise pen you bought yesterday!

I'm in the way you tilt your head when you're listening!

I'm in the way you never match your socks!

I'm in the verse you always sing from that 80's song!

I'm in the way you look at the clouds on a Tuesday afternoon!

I'm in the compassion you hide in your heart!


And I'm not going to stay hidden in that box much longer!

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