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Break A Pencil!

This got me thinking about how many things we do by default? By design, there’s most definitely another way. In Creativity, Ideas, and Life. Do these rules stick because they’ve been so hardwired in us? Always one way to do it. The “right way!” But what’s right for you might be totally wrong for me. So why mustn’t I try to find my own way to do it?

Rules don’t apply in an artist’s world. Why? Are we different? Were we never taught? Were we too rebellious? Did ‘rule makers’ not care to control us? Or were they just scared of the questions we asked and let us be? Would they see our way as opposed to their set way? Would they care to listen?

Break a Pencil is an idea the Universe sent my way on a sleepless 5 am mind buzz(very very usual for me) and this is looking to flip the script on how we’ve always viewed things with only one lens and it’s time to change it!

You matter. Your creativity matters. Your life, what you do, and what you say matters. ALWAYS DID. ALWAYS WILL. Anything that’s meant to limit you, break you, stop you, change your path, question life, etc. isn’t sent to you by default. It’s by design. It’s meant to double your power. It’s meant to multiply it exponentially.

So the next time you think you’re broken, your ideas are worthless or your creativity is lost..think again maybe its power has only multiplied and you just don’t know yet!!! ✏️✨

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