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Inner Child!

Captain C.Re.Ator is looking for your inner child, inner artist, inner magic and your inner story to magnify its power!

Who did we want to be before the world told us who to be?

To the kid who wanted to be an astronaut, how epic was Perseverance's Mars landing?

To the kid who wanted to be a musician, what's your current favourite band?

To the kid who would always doodle, please tell me you still do it?

To the kid who would build something with all the stuff around you, what's your favourite thing now to build?

To the kid who loved taking pictures, how many sunsets have you clicked?

To the kid who would always make others laugh, you're still the best.

To the kid who didn't want to be seen, are you still hiding your power?

To the kid who was always curious, please keep asking questions.

To the kid who spoke to plants, thank you for existing.

To the kid in YOU, MORE POWER TO YOU!

What did you enjoy doing as a kid? 😍

Do something for your inner child today. Dance. Sing. Paint. Build. Cook. Scream. Create. Love. Be seen. Ideate. Ask. Don't give up!

You are worthy and you've always been. BIGGEST HUG TO YOU ❤️❤️❤️

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